Non-Project Volunteer Work – SportsInspired Games

UBS as part of their community affairs activities organise the SportsInspired Games for a number of schools in Hackney. The company started the event started following the 2012 Olympics in London which is designed to encourage children to try new sports, get healthy and work together in teams.

I was asked to take images of the day that UBS could use for their internal communications. Given the age of children there are ethical considerations. The event organisers need to run background checks on me as a photographer and the children’s parents had to give consent for the children to be photographed. For those children where the parent did not want them to be photographed they were issued with wrist bands. As the event photographer my task was to respect that decision look out for children with wrist bands and not take their image.

I decided to use two DSLR bodies one fitted with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens and the other with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens. This approach made it easy to change from different images quickly. This is typically how I organise my equipment where flexibility is key so that I can record the decisive moment.

I decided to use the wider angle lens where possible to get closeup to create a sense of being part of the event. Using a longer lens would have created distance. I wanted the reader to feel as they were in the event. 

Overall the event organisers were happy with the final selection of images that I provided to them.

Touch Rugby, April 2017
Smiling Boy, April 2017
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