I am Me – Part 3

In preparing for the video presentation activity this week I reflected on the strengths and weaknesses of my video presentation in module 1 and how I would like to use the output of this presentation to inform me in the creation of my Critical Review of Practice. The main thing I decided I need to change from module 1 was the need to introduce a script rather than have a series of bullet points, as I did not want to be seen talking from a script I decided to experiment with teleprompter software. This also gave me the benefit of creating an early draft of my Critical Review of Practice, the final version of the script is included. The downside of this approach was the need to allow sufficient time to write, review and finalise the script before starting the video recording element of the task. This meant I did not have sufficient time to undertake post production activities something I will need to take into account in Module 3 where the video presentation is an assessed piece of work.

The Portfolio Review with the BIPP helped to refine the work that I included in the presentation focusing on the Childhood Memories and City Canyons rather than include the early works from the broader Tilbury to Harwich walks along the coastline. The first two bodies of work are currently more resolved than the overall research project and including all three would detract focus away from the first two works.

While preparing for the presentation I attended the last of the Pre-Talk Photo London events. The last talk focused on the Photobook was a talk between Jack Latam and Brettt Rogers OBE. The focus of the talk was about Jack Latham’s book the Sugar Paper Theories and the Photobook as a context for seeing photography. There were a topics that were interesting beyond the photobook as a genre and Jack’s book; the use of the book as means for raising awareness of social in justice in Iceland and the fact that a resolved project delivered through one mechanism might result in spin-off projects. Though Jack professed to not being a photojournalist and the use of a plate camera would support that assertion the Sugar Paper Theories can be attributed in part to getting justice for the people who were incarcerated for crimes that were achieved through questionable please practices and resulted in the only woman convicted of the crime being abused while in prison which would suggest that contra to John Berger’s views photography can make a different (see last weeks I an Me post.) The second area for reflection is that exposure through one visual context can lead to other possibilities Jack Latham is working on an interactive museum based around the Sugar Paper Theories that through recreating key locations from the original investigation the audience are invited to become their own detectives and create their own theories behind the murders in Iceland through examining the evidence. When deciding upon the different contexts for viewing for my own bodies of work it is entirely possible that this could lead to alternative viewing contexts similar to Sugar Paper Theories. Being open to these possibilities could result in new audiences will be able to interact with my work. Though I envision City Canyons as exhibition it is possible that book of the work could be another context for viewing.



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