In last weeks coursework reflection “Sea of Image – Reflection” I discuss the fact that my practice is an extension of me the person and ideologically I tend to align myself the the individualism. However after a tutorial this week it has become clear that when reading my CRJ the coursework and project entries could be viewed as quiet separate pieces of work. To help create a bridge between those two elements I am exploring the creation of a broader reflective entry most likely weekly that will draw those elements together and allow me to look back over my journey to date since starting the MA. Surely an appropriate action for a student who has decided to place the concept of journey and re-exploration at the heart of this core project.

I have decided to group these wrap-up reflective pieces under the  title “I am Me”. I am a human with my own strengths and weaknesses that inform the work work I create. I am my own photographic lifeblood. Similar to Jeff Walls in his interview from week 7 of Informing Contexts, I would not have thought to construct sone of my images until I had experienced the events that predate the time when I decide to construct a specific image.