The assignment this week was to undertake a micro project commissioned by another student. For this week I decided to team up with Jo Sutherst as I have not worked closely with Jo yet but she has produced some interesting work to date on the course. I was really curious as to what she would set as the assignment because I knew I had a busy week ahead and therefore limited time to complete the assignment.

The assignment was:

“Hope this brief works for you. It is a quote from Terry Pratchett.

“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove”

Really curious to see what you do with this :)”

A really short brief but sometimes these are the hardest challenges to pull of especially whe you don’t really know the client. How to in the space of a few days create a couple of images that would tell the story.

My starting point was to think the difference between glass and diamond. The easy points are glass is a liquid and diamond is a crystal structure so I started to explore how could I make glass have more of a crystal structure but still be different.

I happened to have a few glass crystal from a candelabra so I shot a few images with those to explore options.

I added some motion blur for creative effect.

On my walk to work there are lots of glass walls because modern architects seem to love them so I shot a few images to explore the concept of the glass wall revealing something of the world it in habits as a reference to Terry Pratchett’s world.


Then I looked a a couple of windows that only allow the viewer to see part of the scene.

However these glass images did not give me the crystal structure so I started to look for glass the provides a more crystal structure.

This broken window provided me with the missing link to create my photographic vision that would hopefully meet Jo’s brief.

Read my next post for the story of the final images.

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