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Shadow Boarding Serria At Tahoe

Shadow Boarding is one of those unplanned events. This year I was Snowboarding in California experimenting with two the new miniature HD Video Cameras.

This was shot on the last run of the day using a Helmet mounted Contour HD. It was only when I returned to the UK and looked at the footage little did I realise that I had snowboarded down the mountain recording my shadow. The sun was behind as I followed the run back to the base lodge. Creating this great “shadowboarding” movie.

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First Helicopter Lesson

I have been flown in Helicopters before though today would be the first time I would take over the controls.
Flying a helicopter is completely different from my previous flying experience in a fixed wing Cessna. First I had to get used to the controls which only need the slightest touch to change direction. Learning how to use all the controls to hove and rotate on the spot is a real skills as you will see from first attempt in the video.
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